Photo via Flickr, RV1864
Photo via Flickr, RV1864

Brooklyn skateboard culture is iconic — street skateboarding was practically born here and continues to this day. Sure, skateboarding offers physical benefits to kids, but it’s the life lessons that make this sport perfect for little ones. Skateboarding teaches kids about the value of failure — that falling is progress and the only thing that matters is that you just don’t quit. Thanks to the the trailblazing boarders who shredded before us, there are now safe spots for kids learn to the fundamentals of skateboarding.

Head out to these Brooklyn skate spots to watch your kids fall…and get back up again.

Photo via  Skateyogi
Photo via Skateyogi

Skate Brooklyn, 78 St Marks Place, Park Slope
Every Saturday from 12:30-1:30pm, SKATEYOGI hosts a drop-in class for kids at Skate Brooklyn in Park Slope. For $30, kids will learn skateboarding fundamentals, plus get some time on the ramp. And if your kids don’t have their own boards and gear, extras are available to use.

Homage Skateboard Academy
64 Bergen Street, Cobble Hill
Take your little one to Homage for Sunday morning skateboard lessons. Designed for kids ages 3-6, each class is $30 and runs from 12:45-1:30pm. If your kids are older than 7, Homage also offers skateboard lessons on Saturdays and Sundays from 2-3pm for $30/lesson. Homage has boards and gear available for rent, but if your kids just can’t get enough skateboarding Homage sells decks and gear in their shop. Homage also offers school holiday camps throughout the year, as well as a birthday party package that includes rentals and lessons for partygoers.

Campus Mercante
419 Avenue P, Gravesend
Head to this Gravesend shop for boards and gear. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, plus super patient with kids and their infinite questions.

Millennium Skate Park in Owl’s Head. (Photo by joe_raunch_zuccaro)
Millennium Skate Park in Owl’s Head. (Photo by joe_raunch_zuccaro)

Skate Parks

If your kids need some extra practice on their kickflips, then visit these skate parks where they can shred, grind, and fall.

Seba Avenue Skate Park
Shore Parkway and Avenue U, Marine Park
Seba Avenue Skate Park, located in the southwest corner of Marine Park, has grinding rails and two quarter pipes. The unsupervised skate park is open until dusk, and kids are required to have all the proper safety gear, plus a liability waiver signed by parents before skating.

Millennium Skate Park in Owl’s Head
Shore Road and 68th Street, Bay Ridge
Millennium Skate Park is one of the only skate parks in New York City with a bowl, but if your kids aren’t ready yet, there is also a street course where they practice their tricks. Open from 11am-7pm daily, Millennium Skate Park is popular and can get a little crowded at times. To skate, kids are required to wear all safety gear and need to show a Skate Park or Youth card — sign ups for the card can be done at Fort Hamilton Recreation Center.

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